Getting Started

We try to make the move-in process as painless as possible for potential residents.

How It Works

The process can seem overwhelming, but we are experts at making your move to The Maples as simple as possible. We tailor the move-in process; responding to your specific situation with the timing needed to facilitate a smooth transition.

We’ll help you every step of the way.

Call us.

Tell us about your needs, preferences and desires. We’ll collect the information we need to help you determine the best fit for you or your loved one.

Visit us.

Take a tour of The Maples. We’ll help you decide who should make the initial visit and we’ll customize your tour based on your or your lived one’s care needs and lifestyle preferences.

Schedule an assessment.

The State of Maryland requires that each resident be assessed for appropriateness for Assisted Living and for determination of care requirements. The assessment is performed by a member of our nursing staff and can be done at home, at a healthcare facility such as a rehab/skilled nursing facility, or at The Maples. Our staff streamlines the assessment process for the family to make it as stress-free as possible.

At the assessment, we will supply you with the State-required form be completed by your doctor. If you are in a healthcare facility, we will coordinate with the social worker there. The State also requires a current TB test or chest x-ray.

Make the decision.

Once the assessment determines that you can be cared for in Assisted Living, making the decision to move is the next step. We can help. Some of our most reluctant customers have become our most satisfied residents.

Move In.

Our staff will coordinate the move-in. We do the heavy lifting. If you choose, we’ll supply a bed and dresser. Beyond that, bring along the special furnishings and accessories that will make you comfortable in your new home. We coordinate transportation and medicine transfer. Our staff is available around the clock to you and your family for any questions and concerns.

To ease the transition, we’ll organize a compatible group of residents to share your first meals and a special greeter and caregiver will be assigned to you for your first days. Our programming team will meet with you to learn about your interests.

Each new resident enriches our whole community and we look forward to including you in The Maples’ family.

Welcome home!