Teepa Snow Shares Techniques For Communicating With Dementia Patients

Executive Director of The Maples of Towson, Kim Smith, was among the attendees at a workshop at Daylesford Crossing, our new assisted living sister community in Paoli, Pennsylvania.  The workshop was conducted by nationally recognized dementia care expert Teepa Snow.  Snow demonstrated how brain damage from dementia affects behavior.  She utilized humor and wisdom to demonstrate techniques that often work well behaviorally with dementia patients, and to offer actionable tips for caregivers.  Snow is the originator of what she terms a “positive approach to care” in which caregivers are encouraged to “roll with” ideas that patients with dementia may have instead of trying to re-orient them with reality.  

Tuesday January 19, 2016 Teepa Snow, a nationally known Alzheimer's expert conducted a seminar at Daylesford Crossing senior living community where she used her humor, wit and wisdom to show the participants what works best behaviorally when working with dementia patients . Here, Teepa Snow goes through a range of emotions while going through a role playing exercise with the seminar participants. ( Ed HILLE / staff photographer )

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Snow explained that her goal is to help caregivers acknowledge the parts of the patient’s brain that are still functioning, and then apply techniques to compensate for what is no longer working.  “Instead of focusing on the hole, we need to be looking at the doughnut,” she said.

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