Tips For Making Your Virtual Holiday Special

This holiday season it is prudent to be as cautious as possible and forgo in-person holiday gatherings with those outside of your “bubble” in favor of safer virtual holidays. Facetime, Zoom and other platforms make it easy to connect with friends and family from far away. Here are some tips to make a virtual holiday celebration extra special.

Include Food and Drink

What holiday party is complete without something tasty to eat? Consuming a full meal together may not be feasible, so instead make a special toast to loved ones while sharing a drink and appetizers. If little ones are included in the festivities, ship some special cookies in advance and share cookies and cocoa while listening to holiday tunes. For a more interactive experience, share a recipe or cook a special dish together. A virtual beer, wine or cheese tasting is a fun, interactive option too. Virtual wine tasting companies like this one will even coordinate the event. 

Plan a Virtual Gift Exchange

Unwrapping gifts to festive music is a sure fire way to lift the spirits. Ship gifts to loved ones in advance, or order them online and have them shipped directly to the recipients. Or, to make things a bit more unexpected, plan a secret holiday gift exchange. Put one person in charge of making up the guest list and assigning who will buy for who. Assign a reasonable dollar limit for the gift, and enjoy watching each recipient unwrap their gift.

Queue Up the Karaoke

Video call participants can share screens and even take photos or record voice or video. To enjoy a few laughs and spread some cheer, break out the online karaoke and share some songs. YouTube has a variety of holiday karaoke playlists that include both music and lyrics. If one person finds the songs on YouTube and shares their screen, everyone will be able to see the lyrics and sing along.

Pull Out the Games

Virtual game parties can be very entertaining. One idea is to play a virtual form of trivia or Trivial Pursuit. One person can oversee the actual game board and read the questions out loud. Charades, Bingo or Name That Tune are other examples of games that work well in a virtual format. You can even try a scavenger hunt in which participants have a certain amount of time  to find certain items in their purse, backpack or home.

Need more inspiration? Here are some additional virtual holiday party tips: 

  • Add some bling. Break out the lights and decorations to make your video background festive and bright.
  • Dress up. Who says you have to have somewhere to go in order to get dressed up? Break out your bow tie or sequined sweater and do your hair and makeup. Looking sharp for a holiday party can lift your spirits.
  • Take a virtual tour. Ever wanted to see the North Pole or find the best holiday light displays? You can find just about anything online, so why not share it virtually with your loved ones?
  • Take a trip down memory lane. Ask family and friends to contribute photos and put together (or ask a grandchild to put together) a virtual slideshow that everyone can enjoy.
  • Be grateful. 2020 has been a tough year for many, but there are always reasons to be grateful. Go around the group and share one or two things that you are grateful for this holiday season.

Join a Vibrant Community

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